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Ashley Agnew

Ashley Agnew (EYT) Business Manager of ACT Yoga, board member of SEYN Chicago (Socially Engaged Yoga Network) and Operations executive for Crowned Elites dance company, is an expert in founding and structuring businesses from the ground up.  Ashley began her intimate journey with yoga on a quest to heal from life's traumas. "I asked for more out of life and life gave me yoga." Ashley partnered with Yoga instructor Marshawn Feltus to establish ACT Yoga, the first yoga studio in Chicago’s Austin community. Ashley is pursuing her goal of spreading the message of living life as a vessel of love. Spreading the word of peace yoga is a powerful tool that can aid anyone from any walk of life. Her interests include the spread of yoga health and wellness and life balance specifically as it relates to the empowerment of women. Ashley is also interested in helping businesses create a yogic environment for their workers, including fashion design and holistic health.


Marissa Chavez

Yoga means so many things but the center of it all is love and compassion. When I started my yoga journey 7 years ago, it was as a hobby and one that I never expected to lead to this deep connect and desire for my practice. I feel that yoga is my essential in life along with tacos and good jams to sing in the car/shower. It’s something I need everyday for my mind, spirit, soul, and body. I completed my 200 hour training at Nature Yoga Sanctuary with two amazing teachers whom I admire and who inspire me to always keep growing, learning, and opening up to what life has to teach. I hope when people come to my class they receive laughter, lightness, and strength. My classes are inspired by my daily journey on this path and I hope to give students space to experience their own unique flow and feel a deeper connection with themselves. As they leave my class, my wish for my students is to feel more confident in their bodies and more peaceful and calm in their minds.


Marcelyn Cole

Marcelyn Cole found yoga over twenty years ago. Since then she has studied, practiced and worked with ayurveda, yoga teaching for diversity, trauma informed yoga, yoga therapy, prison yoga, Montessori early childhood education, regenerative ecological design, and a lineage of Himalayan tantric yoga as well as other spiritual traditions. In her ten years of teaching she has shared yoga in studios, schools, community centers, art and activist spaces, jail, urban farms, and health care centers. Marcelyn recognizes you are your own best teacher and is here to help you empower your brightest, clearest self.


Sheila Montiell

Sheila, who comes from a Venezuelan family where she learned Spanish as her native language, began her yoga practice in 2010 and is completely immersed in this fascinating discipline. In 2014 she became RYT 200hrs certified through her mentor Gopi a disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra. From then on, Sheila has been devoted to sharing all the benefits that yoga has brought into her life. Sheila has had the great joy of taking the intensive 500hr Teacher training in New York, directly from Sri Dharma Mittra a Hatha Raja Yoga Master, who has dedicated most of his life in service to humanity teaching the ancient knowledge of how to attain radiant health and develop spiritually.

Sheila frequently assists her mentor, Gopi, during workshops and other intensive trainings offered by Sri Dharma disciples in New York, Chicago and Costa Rica.

Sheila, proveniente de una familia venezolana, conoció el español como su primer idioma. En 2010 comenzó a practicar Yoga y desde el primer día se sumergió en esta fascinante disciplina. En 2014 obtuvo su certificación RYT200 de la mano de su mentora Gopi Om, quien es discípula de Sri Dharma Mittra. Desde entonces, Sheila se ha dedicado a compartir con los demás los beneficios que el Yoga trajo a su vida. En 2017 Sheila tuvo la dicha de recibir su entrenamiento de 500 Hrs directamente de Sri Dharma Mittra eminente reconocido maestro tradicional de Hatha Raja Yoga, quien ha dedicado la mayor parte de su vida a servir a la humanidad compartiendo sus enseñanzas de como alcanzar a vivir una vida saludable y desarrollo espiritual.

Sheila asiste constantemente a su Mentora en diversos talleres y ha tenido la dicha de recibir entrenamiento y clases intensivas directamente de Sri Dharma Mittra y varios de sus más cercanos discípulos en Nueva York, Chicago y Costa Rica.

Gabi Jasso

Gabi Jasso

I am a Mexican immigrant, proud of my roots and culture. My interest in the practice of Yoga began several years ago, although due to different circumstances it was not possible for me to practice it. I had already read about its benefits. In January of 2018 Rise Up Wellness, in conjunction with Esperanza Health Centers, began offering Yoga for the community at no cost. I decided to take the opportunity and start practicing Yoga. After only few months of attending the weekly Community Yoga classes I was offered a scholarship for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification. I was nervous but I wanted to know more about Yoga and its roots, so in September of 2018 I found a program at Yoga Now and that's where my journey to this new and wonderful experience began. Learning more about this practice, its roots and benefits made me realize the importance of connecting the body, mind and spirit. In May of 2019 I received the blessing and certification to teach Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga from my mentor Amy Treciokas. Now I am very grateful to Rise Up for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team and contribute to my community and also continue to learn.