Wellness Workshops

Create Your Custom Workshop

Create a fun and relaxing workshop or workshop series that is perfect for your community! We are happy to assist you in creating your special wellness events. All workshops are taught by licensed professionals.

  • Yoga & Zumba: Improve overall health, fitness and well-being
    • Mat and Chair Yoga: Great for beginners and yoga students at all levels
    • Zumba: Dance your way to fitness
    • Kids Yoga: Yoga for healthy bodies and minds in a super fun atmosphere
  • Nourish: Foods & Herbs: Get a "taste" of our Nourish program
    • Mindful Eating: Learn to truly enjoy your meals while improving your health with this interactive experience
    • Herbal Tea: Enjoy a delicious herbal tea and learn about its health benefits
  • Relax & Restore: Relieve stress and tension without medication
    • Mindfulness Practices: Learn simple breathing techniques to decrease stress and improve overall health
    • Self massage: Learn basic self massage techniques in this interactive experience
    • Essential oils: Learn about essential oils for relaxation
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