About Us

Rise Up Wellness is a not for profit organization dedicated to bringing healthy and healing practices to people in their own communities. As each member of the community becomes healthier and happier, the whole community benefits.

We have lots of ideas, but our foundation is yoga. Through yoga we can introduce practices that have been proven to improve physical and mental health. Everyone should have access to holistic health practices and they shouldn’t have to leave their community or pay a lot of money for it.

Currently we bring yoga classes right into local schools, clinics and community centers. We provide talented instructors, mats and other equipment. Our partners provide the venues and often pay the teachers.

Our approach at Rise Up is aligned with the true spirit of yoga. Class participants are not required to bring money, equipment or designer yoga clothes. Come as you are in loose fitting clothes and join the class. Breathe, stretch, strengthen and relax.

We already envision bringing other healing arts such as massage therapy, bodywork and nutrition for health. We have classes in Marquette Park, Little Village and North Lawndale but we hope to keep growing or maybe just be an inspiration to others to start like-minded organizations.

The Board of Rise Up Wellness is completely volunteer. All donations go to pay yoga teachers, support staff and purchase equipment.

Rise up! Be well.