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    “In our group, we noticed significantly reduced body aches and pains after a month of regular yoga practice!”

    Tina O.

    “I loved learning how to make medicine. My pantry is stocked with herbal medicine now!”

    Maria M.

    “I was amazed to learn that I could give myself a massage that felt as good as one from a massage therapist!”

    Christina T.

    “Now I know how to use the weeds in my garden and I’m telling my husband to stop pulling them!”

    Marlene B.

    “I’m super excited about these classes, I can’t wait for the next one!”

    Gabriel D.

    “I just wanted to express how good it feels to be able to take a free yoga class during these times. Sheila’s fresh and kind class made my day, I love that she takes the time to speak two languages to give everyone in the class importance. I’m joining the class from Denver and it was just a great blessing today.”

    Jessica H.

    “My children were getting rashes from laundry detergents. Now I use vinegar with a drop of essential oil for softener and no more rashes!”

    Marlene B.

    “I love the classes! They have a good rhythm and I feel that students at all levels can easily follow. Moreover, the vibe is very beautiful and made me see yoga from a different perspective (and until now I never woke up early on a Sunday!) Thank you for offering these classes!”

    Ariadna P.

    “I’ve learned to appreciate my body for what it can do. To see my body as functional, rather than just ornamental.”

    Maricruz S.

    “I learned that there’s a bounty of herbs here in Chicago. I like to just walk in the parks now. I never did that before.”

    Aalia A.
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