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    “I just wanted to express how good it feels to be able to take a free yoga class during these times. Sheila’s fresh and kind class made my day, I love that she takes the time to speak two languages to give everyone in the class importance. I’m joining the class from Denver and it was just a great blessing today.”

    Jessica H.

    “I love the classes! They have a good rhythm and I feel that students at all levels can easily follow. Moreover, the vibe is very beautiful and made me see yoga from a different perspective (and until now I never woke up early on a Sunday!) Thank you for offering these classes!”

    Ariadna P.

    “I’m super excited about these classes, I can’t wait for the next one!”

    Gabriel D.

    “I loved learning how to make medicine. My pantry is stocked with herbal medicine now!”

    Maria M.

    “I learned that there’s a bounty of herbs here in Chicago. I like to just walk in the parks now. I never did that before.”

    Aalia A.

    “My children were getting rashes from laundry detergents. Now I use vinegar with a drop of essential oil for softener and no more rashes!”

    Marlene B.

    “Now I know how to use the weeds in my garden and I’m telling my husband to stop pulling them!”

    Marlene B.
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