Food as Medicine

Nourish: Foods & Herbs

Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

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Reconnect to your inner power to heal and stay healthy! Created by a licensed health care provider and certified herbal educator, Nourish brings community members together to share their own healing traditions while learning about natural health and wellness remedies for every aspect of our lives.

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* The Nourish curriculum is approved by Chicago Public Schools.

The Tradition of Herbal Medicine
  • Enjoy rose and rooibos herbal tea
  • Learn different ways to prepare your herbs
  • Understand holistic health and how to use it to feel better!
Food as Medicine
  • Enjoy homemade kombucha
  • Make your own fermented vegetables!
  • Learn about the gut microbiome: The key to total health
Digestive Health
  • Enjoy soothing chamomile tea
  • Engage in a relaxing mindful eating practice
  • Experience peppermint head and jaw self massage
Mind and Mood
  • Enjoy relaxing oat straw tea
  • Practice different self massage techniques with essential oil
  • Learn about relaxing herbs, foods and breathing exercises for mental health
Natural Skin Care
  • Enjoy a warming cup of burdock tea
  • Learn to make natural facials for glowing skin
  • Make your own herbal bath salts to take home!
Healthy Metabolism
  • Enjoy metabolism-boosting jasmine green tea
  • Protect yourself from toxins with detox practices
  • Make your own natural household cleaners to take home!
Herbs and More for Reproductive Health
  • Enjoy delicious and healing cinnamon tea
  • Learn about foods and wellness practices for reproductive health
  • Learn to make your own herbal formulas to balance hormones
Heart Health
  • Enjoy hibiscus and cinnamon tea and chocolate!
  • Explore the benefits and traditions of dark chocolate
  • Learn about herbs, foods and wellness practices for heart health
Supporting the Immune System
  • Enjoy delicious and immune-boosting golden milk tea
  • Learn how to decrease chronic inflammation in your body
  • Experience herbs and wellness practices to support the immune system
Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu Season
  • Enjoy ginger tea with lemon and honey
  • Learn recipes for elderberry syrup and healing soups
  • Experience a healing herbal steam
Your Personality Type and Your Health
  • Enjoy tulsi and cardamom tea
  • Discover your constitutional type and learn to make a personal health plan
  • Learn about the benefits of seasonal eating
  • Enjoy healing and delicious reishi chai latte
  • Learn self care practices to stay healthy during stressful times
  • Taste and make your own healthy treats to take home!
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